17 Jun 2010

My first food blog !!!!

And finally I can rest…….. Now that my hands itching for baking a good cake have been satisfied. It smells good actually, and you know what I used the hand mixer for the first time today. I wanted to do a frosting for the cake but ooooppppps!!!!!! No time !!!!!! I need to prepare the dinner also before going to my painting class. Infact I am baking the cake for my teacher and my co-artists in the class ......hehe.

My first Carrot and walnut cake

My body seems restless all the time now days.........and I feel good cooking is like meditation to me and nothing can beat it. I really need to thank Ramya, my friend who introduced me to the first good food blog Mahanandi, then my journey started, I started trying out new recipies from her blog. Me and my husband really loved some dishes. I also found the kind of special tomato rice which is prepared in Madurai by my people (basically the cooks .....) in her blog. Now I need to make calculations for something else which is a secret now..shhhh!!!! ........oh my !!! what an overwhelming smell in my house I think my husband will react the same way as me :)

Thanks for visiting my blog :)


  1. Hi,

    I was fortunate to taste this cake.
    It was really very tasty.

    I wud be waiting for ur next experiment.



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