30 Jun 2010

"Accha telugu bhojanam" in Switzerland

Now that my cooking is done for today's afternoon, I am now eagerly writing the post for the mouth watering delicious dal of Andhra pradesh. Simple to make, tasty and filling dal with rice; great to have in the afternoon !

My friend had a problem with the electric heater for cooking, and she was using her new rice cooker which wasnt so great to cook dals to the mushy consistency. While chatting with her she just told me that she is craving to eat dal and she offered me to make the dal at my place. I readily agreed since I had once tasted that yummy dal of hers. I was getting restless as evening approached, finally she came home with all the ingredients in the cooker ready to be cooked.

Now let me just give the recipie before I forget the steps .....hehe :P

My friend made a spinach dal, we can just about add any veggies like brinjal, turnip, the other leafy vegetables.
We need the following for three persons

Tuar dal - 1 cup
Spinach (frozen) - 2 cubes (2"x2"x2")
Onions (medium size) - 2
Tomato (big) - 1
Green chilli - 1 chopped (My friend reduced the number for us, I think this can be made the optional ingredient)
Turmeric - 1/4 tsp
Tamrind - 1 small gooseberry sized ball soaked in water

For seasoning
Garlic chopped - 4 cloves (the chinese garlic)
Mustard - 1/3 tsp
Cumin - 1/3 tsp
Oil - 1 tsp

1. Chop the onions, tomatoes coarsely, add them in the cooker along with the washed dal, turmeric powder, spinach (you can directly place the 2 frozen spinach cubes in the cooker) and chilly. This must be cooked to a mushy consistency and mashed nicely after opening the cooker.

2. Now heat oil in a pan for seasoning add the mustard, cumin and chopped garlic and fry for a minute then add this to the hot cooked dal.

4. Add also the tamarind juice to the dal mix well and heat the dal for around 5-6 mins. Serve hot with rice.

Spinach dal, rasam, rice and some panfried cumin papad

Wow what a dinner we had had that night !!!!!!!

I need to end this post, with the taste of the dal still lingering in my tastebuds...........

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

28 Jun 2010

Simply Drumstick ......yummy ..........

Sunday.........hmmmmmm........usually the day you dont want to cook something very difficult, but with the constraint of it being tasty.

Since some days I continually see a bunch of 5 drumsticks lying in my fridge along with the fresh coconut that I bought, sunday arrives and I dont want to cook something really difficult, something simple like rice, rasam and some veggie companion will do my mind tells me.

So I start preparing the drumsticks, coconut for the simple drumstick curry that my mil usually makes and all of us back home simply love it !!!!!!!!!!

Mom & my mil are like two different poles of a magnet. Mom cooks all the difficult and time consuming dishes with such ease, you wont even know how much effort and time has gone into preparing such lip smacking dishes. On the other hand my mil prepares such simple and yummy recipies...... my heart goes for both of them I miss their food many a time......

So I decided to whip up that drumstick recipe of my mil for the lazy sunday ......

Here are the ingredients that are needed for two persons

Here goes,.......

Drumsticks - 5 nos (all were my half arm length)
fresh coconut - 2 inch pieces 3-4 nos
cumin seeds - 1/3 tsp
shallots - 2-3 nos. (small size)
chilli powder - 1/4 tsp (can be varied, I add very less chilli powder in my dishes)
turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
salt - to taste (I used 1/3 tsp)

1.Heat a pan with around 4 cups of water in it, ad to it the salt and turmeric powder.

2.Cut the ends of the drumstick, and using a peeler scrape the drumstick (the body of the drumstick must appear almost light green after this process). Cut the scraped drumstick into 2 inch pieces.

3.when the water in the pan starts boiling drop in the drumstick pieces.

4.Now a close to smooth paste must be made of the coconut, shallots and cumin seeds.

5.When the drumstick is almost done (it becomes little soft to touch) then the prepared paste must be added and mixed nicely. At this stage the chilli powder and if required some salt can be added after tasting. While adding the paste if the pan has some water already in it, it will help the coconut to not stick to the bottom of the pan and instead coat the drumsticks. In the paste adding stage the process is fast and mixing it continuously for 2-3 mins will be good.

6.When this curry cooks to a thicker consistency, the curry can be removed from the pan. It is ready to serve with rice, rasam rice.

Drumstick curry (sevakailo thelni in sourashtra)

It was a great success here !!!!!!

The thought of it still makes my mouth water..........

My husband loved it .!!!!!!!!!! now that is what I work in the kitchen for............!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe... :)

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17 Jun 2010

My first food blog !!!!

And finally I can rest…….. Now that my hands itching for baking a good cake have been satisfied. It smells good actually, and you know what I used the hand mixer for the first time today. I wanted to do a frosting for the cake but ooooppppps!!!!!! No time !!!!!! I need to prepare the dinner also before going to my painting class. Infact I am baking the cake for my teacher and my co-artists in the class ......hehe.

My first Carrot and walnut cake

My body seems restless all the time now days.........and I feel good cooking is like meditation to me and nothing can beat it. I really need to thank Ramya, my friend who introduced me to the first good food blog Mahanandi, then my journey started, I started trying out new recipies from her blog. Me and my husband really loved some dishes. I also found the kind of special tomato rice which is prepared in Madurai by my people (basically the cooks .....) in her blog. Now I need to make calculations for something else which is a secret now..shhhh!!!! ........oh my !!! what an overwhelming smell in my house I think my husband will react the same way as me :)

Thanks for visiting my blog :)