1 Jan 2012

Warm Wishes for the NEW YEAR ......

Lots of work going on here in the kitchen ;)

Heartfelt wishes for a very happy and prosperous new year and best wishes for the years to come !!

Here is a glance of what all was going on in my kitchen here :)

Eggless chocolate sponge with strawberries and vanilla cream

Eggless Blackforest gateau

Fresh fenugreek leaves (methi) paratha (Home grown methi)

A glance of my soon coming mini lunch series (An attempt to blog regularly a balanced lunch recipe )

Spinach (palak) paratha, okra stir fry and onion-fresh corriander raita

Bisi bela huli and onion-tomato raita

Vegetarian fried rice-noodles and soya chunks in a spicy sauce

I wish you all a sweet and savoury year ahead ..... indulge and enjoy keeping in check your waistline ....... ^_^

CHEERS for the new year !!

Thanks for stopping by, all your comments and mails mean a lot to me........they make my day :)