25 Jan 2011

Pistachio macarons with strawberry quark

Every time I post a recipe on my blog, I would like it to be unique, original in its own sense. That is why I am struggling right now to post truly original to my home recipes !!

This time at Mactweets, Jamie and Deeba had challenged us to make a macaron inspired by a favourite dessert. I was planning to flavour the macarons depending on how they turn out. Well they were not so great. I followed all that I read, still no success. I had a different kind of problem this time. My macarons had BIG feet but they slid out very neatly like the nice ones. But still it did not have that kind of texture inside, I felt they were rather chewy. Since the macarons were not a great success I decided to make a simple strawberry quark filling to sandwich them.

I gues no one can deny that strawberries and cream are unbeatably the simple yet very delicious dessert. I tried to mimick the same strawberry and cream, but instead of cream I used low fat bio quark :). All the more good for us, Low fat and really tasty !

Ahem ..... Ok...... now going on to the recipe !

Pistachio macarons

1 Egg white (36 gms) from a small egg, aged for a little over 24 hours
Fine granulated sugar - 12 gms
Icing sugar - 80 gms
Almonds - 22 gms
Pistachios - 22 gms

1. In a clean bowl start beating the egg white at low speed, slowly increase the speed.

2. When it starts getting foamy, add slowly the granulated sugar and beat till it turns into a glossy meringue having a shaving foam consistency.

3. Pulse the nuts and icing sugar in a mixer. Sift to break the lumps.

4. Tip in the nut-sugar mixture into the meringue, break the air in the meringue and fold in the ingredients, first swiftly and then slowly to achieve a consistency of magma.

5. Pipe out the batter onto baking paper, let it rest for 30 mins to form skin.

6. Preheat the oven at 160 degrees C, bake the macarons for 10 mins or till done.

7. Cool and slide the shells of the baking paper.

Strawberry quark

Quark, hung for 3 hours - 200 gms
Icing sugar - 4 tsps
Vanilla sugar - 2 tsps
Strawberry, 1 big - 25 gms

1. Take the hung quark in a bowl, mix it few times to make it soft. I used a spatula to mix it.

2. Add the vanilla sugar and the icing sugar, and keep mixing till you get a smooth mixture.

3. Now, add finely chopped strawberry and mix well so that the strawberry juices mix into the quark to give it that nice strawberry flavour.

To complete, match the macaron shells and keep aside. Fill the piping bag with the strawberry quark. Pipe onto one macaron shell and sandwich it with its pair.

et Voila !

I just cross over my fingers for some good luck the next time I bake macarons and write.....

A macaron ode for GOOD LUCK

Macarons oh beautiful macarons....
why do you have to be so tricky to make my dear macarons,
would you just give me a chance to master you,
would you just make me dance with happy feet,
would you just melt in my mouth with all your sweetness,
this time wish me GOOD LUCK to make you oh you glamorous sweetie !!!!

I really hope I get lucky the next time.

Thanks for visiting my blog :)


  1. Strawberries and cream is a classic combo! Your macs look great and I love the quark filling.

  2. my! what teasure trove you have here! gonna try some recipes here!

  3. Ha glamorous is right! They are! Perfectly sweet these lovely little Strawberry and Cream macs and love the mix of pistachio with it. Perfect combo! Just beautiful! Thanks so much for baking with us this month!

  4. @ lora - Thanks Lora (psst...a Secret:I never tasted the truly classic combo ;) )

    @ KG - Thanks KG :) and some feedback on the other recipes will be great !

    @ Jamie - Thanks!!!!

  5. Your macarons are PERFECT!

    I'd love to show you how to bake bread. In exchange you can show me the tricks to get such beautiful macarons (I need exercising).



  6. Thanks Rosa, Let me just get the hang of it (I am still not getting lucky with them.....**giggles**) and then we can exchange some recipes :)(What do you say ?)

  7. Cute "ode" to the macaron! We need luck every time we make ours, too. Interesting flavor combinations of pistachio, strawberries and quark! :-)

  8. I love quark and had never thought about using it for filling macs. Your macs look delicious!

  9. @ Hicookery - Thanks, yes it is always like giving an exam and waiting while you paper is getting corrected for the results !!!!

    @ Cecilia - Thanks :) and 1 thing that I would say is important when filling the macaron with quark is to drain the quark very well or else the macarons get really soggy !

  10. Excellent job. They are just perfect.


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