18 Aug 2010

A lovely day at farmers Market :)

Le Marché as it is called in French, the farmers market here has quite a few treasures in the summer.

The colours of the vegetables, berries, fruits ohhhh!!!!!!!!!! feel like trying out all the market has to offer you. The variety of tomatoes, their colour, shapes and sizes ....... and all the tomatoes have a distinctive taste of their own. Some are sweet, some sour, some just have a subtle taste and are best when eaten in a salad. Let me show some of them....

The Normal variety of tomatoes

Pearl tomatoes - Tomates perle

Cherry tomatoes - Tomates cerise (The above loose ones the below in bunches or en grappes)

San Marzano Tomatoes (I never tried them out)

Tomates Rosé de berne

I dont know the name, but they were quite sour these tomatoes

Yellow tomatoes (for quite obvious reasons :P) - Tomates jaune

The normal good looking variety of tomatoes in bunches - Tomates en grappe

True salad tomatoes - Tomates coeur du boeuf (heart of beef........just kidding !!!)

 The tomatoes that go well with Indian and Italian cooking are the cherry tomatoes. The taste of the normal variety of tomatoes changes with the temperature I think coz once they were little sour and once they were so sweet, the tomatoes !!!!!!!

As soon as entering the market the first vendor has lots of veggies, fruits, berries, salad leaves, flowers, herbs, eggs and cheese. They are nice and friendly people with lots of good stuff to offer. Every time I go, the lady ask ça va ? I say ça va et vous ? (doing good ? yes and you?) and each time I give te bag of veggies that I bought, she tells aha ! les échalotes, well it is half the price of what I must pay at the supermarket if I buy them !. These onions are the bigger version of the shallots that is available in India.

These people have baby carrots and potatoes called les virgules(the commas). They had yellow zucchinis, sometime small pumpkins, and many more,

I had bought the whole carrot bunch to try out the leaves, they were quite nice and they had a very strong flavour.


In peak summer they have around 3 to 4 varieties of beans. There is a kind which resemble the Indian indigenous ones, They are a little broader and juicier than the other small variety which is usually available. By their side were the cucumbers or the gherkins (called Cornichons) and the peas; one type that is to be eaten whole (the complete pod can be cooked) and the other has juicy peas inside it that can be eaten. Here they are


I end this post with few photos that I took while strolling in the market.                           

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